Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 14 California Sunshine

     I pulled into Kolton early last week and immediately the friendliness continued. The cashier at Rite Aid bought me water, a small bag of groceries, and an ice cream cone before letting me leave the store. David Wood told me the world is a friendly and welcoming place, I am really starting to experience that. I left the store and spent most the day traveling. I walked nearly 15 miles to get to the Bowman's house in Mentone. Not only did they feed me but gave me a bed for four days! They live in the house I grew up in. It has always been good to go back there but this time was especially warming. My first morning there I went to apply for food stamps to help get me by while I am still here in the U.S. I had no trouble getting them and after my appointment I went over to check out the local food bank I had heard about. I volunteered a total of about 20 hours there. Over that period we fed nearly 500 families for the upcoming week. In exchange for my hours I got as much food as I wanted any time I wanted.
     When I decided my time was up in my hometown, I took 4 buses plus a Greyhoud to get to Desert Hot Springs. Just outside of Palm Springs, CA. The past week has not been very eventful, I have been checking out the town and looking for a job. From here to Indio jobs are pretty scarce, but there are a couple that I think will come through pretty soon. My real struggle will not be getting a job, but getting to the job. I'm 14 miles from the nearest bus stop and all I have is a bike! Getting to town is quite strenuous and I can't say I look forward to making that trip everyday. However my legs are stronger and my lungs are healthier so I wont complain anymore.
     I've had lots more opportunities to read lately and I'd like to share one passage that I found inspiring. It is again from Fahrenheit 451 where America has reached the end of the road it is currently on. The Government is in control of the people and have completely brainwashed them. It takes away everything productive and intellectual and replaces it with entertainment. The American public consists of workers and no thinkers. The quote is from a man defending the Government. Here it is.
     "Any man who can take a TV apart and put it back together is happier than the man who tries to slide-rule, measure, or equate the universe, which just wont be measured or equated without making a man feel bestial and lonely. I know, I've tried it; to hell with it. So bring your clubs and parties, your acrobats and magicians, your daredevils, jet cars, motorcycle helicopters, your sex and heroin, more of anything to do with automatic reflex. If the drama is bad, if the film says nothing, if the play is hallow, sting me with theremin, loudly. I'll think I'm responding to the play, when its only a tactile reaction to vibration. But I don't care, I just like solid entertainment."
     Now at first I felt like I was connecting more with the man who is pro gov. Some of my biggest frustrations come from our lack of knowledge about the universe. All the time I wish that the next breakthroughs in science came more quickly. After reading "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking, my eyes were open to a new world in the world that we live in. As soon as I'm rich I swear that most of my income will go straight to finding the theory that connects the Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Once we get that answer we will know not only fulfil all our questions of the world we live in, but we will be that much closer in knowing the mind of God. Now perhaps that higher power is keeping us from proving his existence through science, but I don't believe that for a second. The God I have known would love nothing more for his own creations to meet that challenge. He wants us to excel and learn all we can about the Universe. Trying to prove Gods existence does not keep me from believing, but pushes and encourages me to take the steps to strengthen myself and expand my knowledge. Now back to the quote considering how similar that relates to so much of our culture today, it made me grateful to have left my phone and gadgets behind, to force me to keep my eyes up and focus on what I find important in life. Too much do we get caught up in worldly things that are distracting. We all need to try to spend less time entertaining ourselves and more time producing and learning. It has been good and bad that my Internet time is so limited. I can't surf the web and waste time which has been great but that is also the reason its been so long since my last post.
     Again the past week has not been too terribly exciting except for getting to see my family the Doseys. Also I want so badly to respond to everyone who is following and commenting. Give me time I really do want to talk to all of you! Keep the comments and suggestions coming. I've changed direction, rearranged my "books to read" list, and even changed my outlook on life all due to your simple comments. Also for anyone who is still worried or confused, I really am doing great. I have yet to get myself in any type of dangerous situation and will continue to watch my back. I keep my money hidden, a weapon on me, and never travel at night. This is basically a long hike with some long stops in between and I'm never in harms way. So don't be worried and again let me know your thoughts! Also make sure you say who you are and leave your email OR email me so we can get a conversation going, I know most of you, but there have been a couple comments that I'm not quite sure who they are from.
     Thanks again for all the support I will talk to you all soon :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 3 Vegas Baby!

     After holding back tears I said my goodbye's to my mom and sisters and got dropped off at the St. George Shuttle. I talked to the manager and he let me work my way onto a vacancy. The deal was four hours got me a spot but he stopped me after two and bumped me up to the executive shuttle with free drinks and leather seats :) It pays to work hard. I pulled into the airport still with no plans and no direction. I made my way to the Las Vegas Strip where I made friends with a small band of Hobos. We got talking for about 30 minutes and they were as hospitable as the homeless could possibly be. They gave me some exclusive Vegas insight and let me know where there was a wall that had fallen over, that made a perfect place to sleep! I kept the invite in mind but kept on going. It didn't take long for me to realize that Vegas wasn't the place for me. Nobody I bumped into or sought out had a home or any work for me. So I tried panning for money in hopes of finding generous tourists. Now I have a question for you all, if you saw a 19 year old scruffy looking kid with a sign reading, "Don't let me turn into a Hobo!" would you throw me a buck or two? Maybe even your pocket change?? Well I didn't get as single penny. Thousands of people turned me down and a good 5% even talked to me! (After inducing the conversation through laughter) I came to the conclusion that I must have come off as a lazy scam artist, which is what I ended up starting to feel like. I think I'll save that promising tactic as a last resort.
     I spent the next morning and afternoon traveling to Freemont St. where I ended up really enjoying my stay. I was bombarded with friendliness as soon as I got there. Confused maybe? Keep reading. I stopped by a Greyhound bus station to see what the cost to get to California would be. I talked to the manager for awhile and he gave me a ride and a discounted price to San Bernadino, CA. Before he dropped me off he kept mentioning he could maybe give me a place to sleep. He dropped me off at the Salvation Army after I answered "no" to his question, "do you play around?" Freaking out? So was I.
     I got out and made my way to a soup line, or rather a cat food line, where my frantically running mind was subsided by Tim, a Jamaican homeless guy. We had lots of time to talk while we waited in line. He gave a good heads up for me to keep my guard up with all the gays around. He also introduced me to a little "hustle" I could use in my travels. Now I don't want any eyebrows being raised while reading this because the main thing I took from Tim was steer clear from the fags! But he let me know that guys looking for guys like me are not all that dangerous and will always compensate. Makes me shutter just to say that.
     I finished up my mystery meat and put Tim's knowledge to the test. First let me say that in my opinion, Freemont St. blows the strip out of the water. Unless your going for shopping, hit up Freemont St. it's really a lot of fun. So a guy approached me and I started off by simply not turning him down. We chit chatted and what worried me the most is my gaydar is down. I couldn't even tell this guy, or the Greyhound guy was gay. Now no homo or anything but I enjoyed his company. He bought me a beer while we walked and offered to smoke a joint :) He took me to dinner and even after I declined to go home with him, he still sent me on my way with 10 bucks. Pretty cool of him, almost made me feel bad for making my first successful hustle!
     But on the serious side I gotsta thinking. I've been raised with an LDS/Conservative outlook on life (which I cherish and love) but I've always looked at gays as outcasts and that those people just give themselves that title for the attention. I can't see how it's possible to be gay but now I realize that it is in fact, possible. I know it's a very controversial topic nowadays and since I'm going to California to the southern beaches, I would love to hear every ones opinion and thoughts.

Day 1 Hello & Goodbye!

     After years of yearning and procrastinating, I have finally left home, and hiked out into the world. Still not exactly sure what I'm looking for, I just know there are millions of opportunities out there waiting for me to find. To stay home and stick to my routine life, even if it were directing me to a "successful" life, would be a true shame. There are so many things I'm ready to learn, ready to experience, my only regret is having waited for so long.
     Now that the waiting is over, it is time for me to start a new chapter in my life. This chapter is to be completely from scratch, unbiased and unopinionated from the Jacob I used to be. It is my mission to create a new image and a new life that starts from within. It is to create a new vision that any individual, including my inner child, would be blown away by. The only thing ever stopping me from doing so was myself. By creating a new me, I am creating a new life. My eyes are always open to information and perspective I can use to feed this new conscious. From food to books I want it all to be new and to get that I need to place myself in new surroundings. This is the main reason I have titled my blog, "New Blood." The other reason coming from a book I read during my first few days of travel called, "Fahrenheit 451." The book is set many years into the future where technology has boomed and the government is about as communist as it gets (bears many alarming resemblances to America.) In the first chapter a woman overdoses and in addition to pumping her stomach, the uncertified hospital workers pump all new blood into her system, reviving her and giving color back to her cheeks.  It inspired me to think outside the box and look for unheard of ways to re-create human life. Any thoughts or advice you have please email me ASAP
     Through my travels I will be open to everything that comes my way and on the prowl to help myself and others. Please feel free to follow me and leave comments. Get ready for controversial topics and hopefully inspiring stories. My goal is to post at least one entry per city.
     I know most reading this were surprised to hear I was gone. I decided to leave and was gone the next morning. I truly apologize for any inconvenience I caused and for excluding any goodbye's! I love you all and wish you well.