Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 3 Vegas Baby!

     After holding back tears I said my goodbye's to my mom and sisters and got dropped off at the St. George Shuttle. I talked to the manager and he let me work my way onto a vacancy. The deal was four hours got me a spot but he stopped me after two and bumped me up to the executive shuttle with free drinks and leather seats :) It pays to work hard. I pulled into the airport still with no plans and no direction. I made my way to the Las Vegas Strip where I made friends with a small band of Hobos. We got talking for about 30 minutes and they were as hospitable as the homeless could possibly be. They gave me some exclusive Vegas insight and let me know where there was a wall that had fallen over, that made a perfect place to sleep! I kept the invite in mind but kept on going. It didn't take long for me to realize that Vegas wasn't the place for me. Nobody I bumped into or sought out had a home or any work for me. So I tried panning for money in hopes of finding generous tourists. Now I have a question for you all, if you saw a 19 year old scruffy looking kid with a sign reading, "Don't let me turn into a Hobo!" would you throw me a buck or two? Maybe even your pocket change?? Well I didn't get as single penny. Thousands of people turned me down and a good 5% even talked to me! (After inducing the conversation through laughter) I came to the conclusion that I must have come off as a lazy scam artist, which is what I ended up starting to feel like. I think I'll save that promising tactic as a last resort.
     I spent the next morning and afternoon traveling to Freemont St. where I ended up really enjoying my stay. I was bombarded with friendliness as soon as I got there. Confused maybe? Keep reading. I stopped by a Greyhound bus station to see what the cost to get to California would be. I talked to the manager for awhile and he gave me a ride and a discounted price to San Bernadino, CA. Before he dropped me off he kept mentioning he could maybe give me a place to sleep. He dropped me off at the Salvation Army after I answered "no" to his question, "do you play around?" Freaking out? So was I.
     I got out and made my way to a soup line, or rather a cat food line, where my frantically running mind was subsided by Tim, a Jamaican homeless guy. We had lots of time to talk while we waited in line. He gave a good heads up for me to keep my guard up with all the gays around. He also introduced me to a little "hustle" I could use in my travels. Now I don't want any eyebrows being raised while reading this because the main thing I took from Tim was steer clear from the fags! But he let me know that guys looking for guys like me are not all that dangerous and will always compensate. Makes me shutter just to say that.
     I finished up my mystery meat and put Tim's knowledge to the test. First let me say that in my opinion, Freemont St. blows the strip out of the water. Unless your going for shopping, hit up Freemont St. it's really a lot of fun. So a guy approached me and I started off by simply not turning him down. We chit chatted and what worried me the most is my gaydar is down. I couldn't even tell this guy, or the Greyhound guy was gay. Now no homo or anything but I enjoyed his company. He bought me a beer while we walked and offered to smoke a joint :) He took me to dinner and even after I declined to go home with him, he still sent me on my way with 10 bucks. Pretty cool of him, almost made me feel bad for making my first successful hustle!
     But on the serious side I gotsta thinking. I've been raised with an LDS/Conservative outlook on life (which I cherish and love) but I've always looked at gays as outcasts and that those people just give themselves that title for the attention. I can't see how it's possible to be gay but now I realize that it is in fact, possible. I know it's a very controversial topic nowadays and since I'm going to California to the southern beaches, I would love to hear every ones opinion and thoughts.


  1. Good morning, Jacob! Your mom just sent out your blog address which is what I was sitting down to do, write on my blog. (Actually, I write newsletters then post it on my blog.) I'm thrilled and more than a little nervous to read yours! Can I add it to the list of blogs I keep on my blog? That way I can check in regularly. I need to go now, however, I burned something in the toaster oven while I read Day 1&2! Be careful, I'll check in on you later. Love, Aunt Julie

  2. Yes Vegas is quite the place. I worked construction on the strip for 5 years and saw every kind of person imaginable. Many good people -just confused about life and doing the best they can with what they understand.

    You might want to try reading "The 5000 Year Leap, Principles of Freedom 101."

    You might also try working for

    Labor Ready
    6020 West Flamingo Road Suite 15
    Las Vegas, nv 89103-2378
    Phone: (702) 870-0945

    Good luck!

  3. Jake,

    When I called my family the other day I found myself exceedingly pleased to hear that you are doing what you are doing. I was hoping to talk to you, but alas, I think I missed you. I have so many thoughts for you that I don't even know where to start. In fact, it's almost 1 am and I have work tomorrow so I probably shouldn't start or I'll never get to sleep! Anyway, just wanted to let you know I feel insanely excited for you and you absolutely MUST make Korea one of your stops. It's really cheap to travel in Asia and we should definitely have an adventure together. My heart is cheering for you! Let's talk soon!

  4. Viva Las Vegas. What an experiment Jake! you are braver than I my friend, yet there is a simplicity and beauty to what you are doing? I hope you find what you are searching for, even if you are just searching for the sake of searching. Observe... become a teacher... a student, and find what brings true joy in this life. Love ya brother

  5. Hey Man its your cousin Justin... what you are doing is crazy but thats what makes it incredible. I know you can handle yourself out there... much love bro p.s. I finally did the last thing we were texting :) you are the man

  6. Hi Jacob,
    We would love for you to visit us in Cal! We love you and are praying that you stay safe!
    Aunt Gigi

  7. Hello Jacob. Do you remember me -- Janna Voss? My daughter Ruth went with Brielle to Teen Quest, and I am friends with your Mom. Anyway, I read your comments so far. Wow! You are creating some amazing learning experiences! As I was reading about the interactions you have had with people, and the appreciation that you have for them as human beings, I remembered a book I read -- in it was the family's story of their travels. They decided to go on a several week vacation. They did not have a destination in mind. Instead, their entire purpose was to open their eyes to see who deserved service and love in their life that day. They even pre-made and passed out to strangers little notes that expressed their love for the person simply because. Their experiences were phenomenal because they opened their eyes to each person's Divinity -- they looked past judgment, and instead saw each person's Divinity. And they served; and they loved. Their lives were forever changed. You have the opportunity to do the same -- to see strangers with the eyes of God; and to serve them as though you were God there serving and loving them in that moment, however it looks. Use God's wisdom as you serve in love. Wisdom is the key. Ask yourself, What would wisdom do next? What would love do next? What would love, in wisdom, do next? Those are great questions to ask. I honor you, Jacob, for the life path that you are creating. You are the Master of your destiny. Be One with God. 4444 With Love and Light, Janna Voss

  8. Jacob, I am your mom's college roommate and live in St George as well. What you are doing is awesome, you will come home a much stronger person with a knowledge no one else has. It is amazing what you have already accomplished in Las Vegas. Being around gay people all of my life I don't judge them. I let them know where I stand and they will respect that, as they want the same respect. My personal philosophy is that these people do not understand the eternal love they were born with (as brothers and sisters in heaven)and think it is an intimate love. That confusion is what motivates them to say "they were born with it". Ummm no.. Anyway, I can see you being so much stronger, more caring, humbler than when you left. Good luck on your endeavors as you search the world. I have to say you are my hero, you are doing something that more people need to do, but we don't. I will continue to read at how you are doing.

  9. Dear Jake, You are amazing! I'm so proud of WHO you are and who you are becoming!! You are actually DOING what we all just dream about. I pray for you everyday. Dad

  10. Hey Jake,
    This is Landon. It sounds like you are making it work. I talked to your mom the night you left. She was very nervous to say the least. I remember thinking about the limited conversations we have had, and thinking Jake is going to be just fine. For one your a very smart kid, and observe things that most people won't. I hope you are learning all you can out there, and keeping to your 12 rules. Good luck bro., and stay strong you crazy kid.

  11. Dear Jacob, This is Paula Huff. I don't know if you remember me. When you were little you lived down the street from me. I just read your blogs and it sounds like you have had quite an adventure. I was a little nervous for you as I was reading. I am glad that you are okay. You are a smart guy. I hope you find what you are looking for. Take care.